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Last updated - September 13, 2018

Each week we hand-pick one important article from the last week's news that provides you with the most up-to-date information on the emerging technology topics that are relevant to you.

3D PRINTING: Simulation, Part 1: Where are we now?

3D printing simulation is a fairly broad term that covers any simulation aspect of the 3D printing process, ranging from the melting of particles in a feedstock to the actual toolpath simulation required to build a part.

As you can imagine, there is a range of different companies offering simulation solutions for each and every aspect of the process. The target demographics of each of these software packages are as wide and varied as the software products themselves. Some are code-heavy products aimed at researchers, while others feature simplified operations with fancy GUIs and are designed for the manufacturing environment proper.


3D Printing Simulation, Part 1: Where are we now? | September 10, 2018

IIoT: Next revolutionary shift through analytics

The exponential rate of growth in the Internet of Things (IoT) has of course led to more and more things, from wearable devices to factories, becoming embedded with technology. Consumers, as well as enterprises, are increasingly realizing the full potential of IoT, ultimately reducing cost and leveraging more robust data analytics.

Regardless of all the technological advances, end-users and businesses haven't yet completed tapped into the vast possibilities of the IoT. One of the reasons for this is that today's users lack the knowledge on how to collect and utilize data from the connected devices. Though it's theoretically possible to collect and analyze more data than ever before, the actual implementation still lags behind.

IIoT's Next Revolutionary Shift Through Analytics

Electronic Design  | September 11, 2018

ELECTRIC DRIVE: Electric future? Global push to move away from gas-powered cars

Political and business leaders gathering in San Francisco for a major climatechange summit have committed to moving towards what was once a fantastical thought - the demise of the internal combustion engine in cars, trucks and other vehicles. A group of 26 city, business and regional or state leaders, representing 122 million people around the world, have used the Global Climate Action Summit to call for carmakers to quicken the pace of electric vehicle rollout. Twelve cities, including Santa Monica, Tokyo and Greater Manchester, have pledged to deploy only zero emission buses from 2025.

Electric future? Global push to move away from gas-powered cars

The Guardian  | September 13, 2018

NEW MATERIALS: New materials with mysterious properties could transform aerospace industry

A team of researchers from Texas A&M University has announced the discovery of a group of smart materials with the potential to transform the aerospace industry. Based on early promise, it is believed they could not only one day significantly improve the efficiency of fuel burn in jet engines, but could also reduce engine noise over residential areas. 

New materials with mysterious properties could transform aerospace industry

Silicon Republic  | September 5, 2018

ROBOTICS and AUTOMATION: How robotics as a service is extending to whole factories

The idea of Robotics as a Service (RaaS), which sees companies pay a subscription fee for robots rather than buying them upfront, is gaining ground in manufacturing and logistics.

How robotics as a service is extending to whole factories

Internet of Business  | August 31, 2018


Velo3D Sapphire Overview

YouTube - 8/19/2018 2:42 min










Lockheed Martin to build NASA's next X-plane

Deep Space TV | 37:57 min

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