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Last updated - January 17, 2019

Each week we hand-pick one important article from the last week's news that provides you with the most up-to-date information on the emerging technology topics that are relevant to you.

3D PRINTING: Patent filed for metal 3D printing without layers

The patent for a metal 3D printing method reportedly capable of  producing entire objects in a single step has been published online by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Invented by Nataša Muševič, director of Research and Development at small-scale manufacturing provider and consultancy Zavod Park in Slovenia, the system is a method of support-free 3D printing that harnesses “magnetic levitation.”

Patent filed for metal 3D printing without layers

3D Printing Industry | January 14, 2019

IIoT: How does one get started with PLM and the Digital Twin?

The future of computer-aided design systems is an Internet of Things world is the Digital Twin. Digital Twins leverage data from CAD systems, product lifecycles, manufaturing systems, and sensors to create a realistic virtual model of your product, enabling you to predict performance, maintenance, and failures.

To understand what is needed to implement a Digital Twin, we spoke to Jonathan Scott, chief architect at Razorleaf. Razorleaf is a consulting firm founded in 2000. 

How does one get started with PLM and the digital twin?

Machine Design| January 17, 2019

ELECTRIC DRIVE: ZF equips fuel cell bus with electric drive system

The British bus manufacturer Alexander Dennis Ltd. (ADL) is expanding its product line, adding a double-decker model powered by a fuel cell drive. This new model is also equipped with ZF's AxTrax AVE electric drive axle to prevent local emissions. ZF also provides additional hardware and software solutions for optimum performance. An initial prototype is now operating at high efficiency in field testing.

ZF equips fuel cell bus with electric drive system

Automotive World | January 15, 2019

NEW MATERIALS: Where do 3D Printing Metals come from?

Where do all of our 3D printing etals come from? This article takes a look at the world's supply of some of the most prominent or important metals in the 3D printing industry, relying on the United States Geological Survey (USGS) for our numbers. Generally, we won't list every country from which minerals are produced, but just those with the highest production rates.

Where do 3D Printing Metals come from? | January10, 2019

ROBOTICS and AUTOMATION: Industrial robotic arms race leaves experts asking 'What manufacturing slowdown?'

One corner of manufacturing that seems to be on the upswing, and on a pace, even amidst trade tensions, to experience a spurt during the next few years: industrial robotic arms.

Industrial robotic arms race leaves experts asking 'What manufacturing slowdown?'

Forbes | January 14, 2019

Microscopic machines can fail in the blink of an eye

Researchers at the NIST have developed a method for quickly tracking MEMS as they work and, just as importantly, as they stop working. 

Today's Medical Developments  |  January 2, 2019 | 1:42 min


Ford Europe: 3D printing workflow for custom tooling

While many companies start exploring the possibilities of additive manufacturing, Ford once again thinks a step ahead in order to speed up the manufacturing time of their vehicles.

Ultimaker  |  December 11, 2018 | 2:45 min



MIT Develops a solid-state plane powered by ionic wind

MIT engineers are working on a plane with no moving parts. Instead of propellers or turbines, the light aircraft is powered by ionic wind - a silent flow of ions that is produced on the plane and that generates enough thrust to propel the plane over a sustained flight. 

Engineering 360  |  November 30, 2018



Xunlei Technology CEO: How blockchain will build value without cryptos

Lei Chen, CEO of Xunlei Technology, a digital services company that transformed itself into a blockchain pioneer last year, believes that a blockchain company with an above $30 billion market cap is not an unrealistic future. 

Fortune  |  November 30, 2018











Audi Electric Motor Engine Factory 

How It's Made | 18:34 min

Seeing Audi's E-Tron motors get made is like catnip for engineering nerds

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