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New Materials

To keep our members informed on emerging trends, AGMA has put together this resource on the Automation and Robotics.

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Extensive research is being conducted to find alternatives to steel and other, heavier, metals. Research and development crosses the spectrum of materials sciences, but for the purpose of this report, we have limited the findings to superalloys and what we will term “Nanomaterials” (as there are many terms currently being used). And this will be defined as the work that is being done at the molecular level to create new, lightweight, corrosion-resistant materials, or to enhance currently existing superalloys.  

Superalloys are being used in commercial manufacturing — especially aerospace and automotive. Nanomaterials are still mostly in the research phase.



Read some of the latest articles available on new materials for product development.



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new materials



New materials provide advantages such as being more lightweight, corrosive-resistant, and, in some cases, conduct electricity easily.



The biggest issue holding back the use of nanocomposites is the cost of production. Cost is also a factor when using superalloys. The other issue is the lack of scalability of manufacturing.



Much of this sector is still in exploratory research for product development. Only a few commercially produced products, and a few efforts for scalable manufacturing currently exist.



If production and scalability costs can be overcome, these materials pose a big threat to how metal parts will be manufactured in the future.

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