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Associate Membership - Suppliers to the Industry

Companies manufacturing and/or selling machinery, raw materials, or services (including inspection, testing, consulting, and sales representation.) Dues are based on total worldwide sales attributable to the gear production industry.

There are minimum and maximum dues caps:
Minimum dues – $2,625 plus $.430/$1,000 of volume in excess of $1 million
Maximum dues – $9,725

To calculate your dues, conduct your own calculations or use this chart.

Calculate your Own Dues

If your company’s sales volume for gears is $3 million, you would subtract $1 million.

Next, divide that amount by $1 million, i.e., $2 million/$1 million = 2.

Next, multiply that number by $430 and add the result to $2,625 for a total of $3,485 ($2,625 + $860 = $3,485).

For annual sales greater than $17,500,000, pay the maximum dues amount of $9,725.