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Membership Information

Access to the people you want to meet and conduct business

The Annual Meeting, committee meetings and other events give members access to unparalleled scope of engaged decision makers in the industry.


  • Motion + Power Technology Expo (formerly Gear Expo): Held during odd-numbered years, this is the trade show of the industry hosting more than 200 exhibitors and attracting more than 3,500 visitors.

Senior Management

  • Annual Meeting: Every spring, join leaders in the gearing and bearings industries for two and a half days of networking and education on current business conditions and trends.
  • Trade Missions: AGMA conducts trade missions, taking members to visit gear manufacturers outside the United States. These missions provide unique opportunities to create new business and to learn new techniques. 

Mid-level Management

  • Strategic Resources Network (SRN): This group of new and upcoming executives from the gear industry develops meetings each year for professional development and profitable networking 

Education for all levels of employees in your company

From advanced engineering courses to Online Workforce Training, AGMA offers industry - leading education programs because we know this training is critical to members. Education programs are discounted or free for AGMA members.

Each year, AGMA hosts education seminars for in-depth learning. Topics include:

  • Basic Training for Gear Manufactruing
  • Bevel Gear System Design
  • Detailed Gear Design
  • Gear Failure Analysis
  • Gear Manufacturing & Inspection
  • Gear Materials
  • Gearbox CSI
  • Gearbox System Design
  • Online Education


AGMA nerw offers two of its most popular face-to-face courses online as video courses

  • Detailed Gear Design - Beyond Simple Service Factors
  • Gear Failure Analysis


AGMA provides 90-minute webinars on a variety of relevant technical and business topics


Workforce Training
This series, free for AGMA members, provides a comprehensive overview of gearing to enhance student's understanding of essential terminology and practices within the industry.

  • Fundamentals of Gearing
  • Parallel Gear Inspection
  • Hobbing

Technical Expertise - Help set the standards in our industry

AGMA is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop U.S. standards on gearing. In 1993, AGMA was elected as the Secretary for Technical Committee 60 of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

AGMA's Technical Division, currently with 23 committees representing over 495 companies, develops quality consensus standards for gears and gear products.

Statistical Reports help set the standards in our industry

AGMA is committed to help you compete more effectively in today's domestic and global marketplace. One of the most useful sets of tools for your company are benchmarking surveys on business activity and financial and wage salary survey information.

Using data provided by your company and others in this industry, these reports help you see where you stand in the industry.


  • Monthly Market Trend Report
  • Operating Ratio Report
  • Gear Market Report


Information for all levels of employees in your company

AGMA keeps you connected by delivering the latest news and information on the industry. Sign up for an email and stay connected through social media. Let AGMA keep you informed.


All employees of AGMA member companies are able to receive the electronic communications from AGMA.

AGMA Industry News

Distributed every Tuesday, this electronic publication contains links to timely general news articles pertaining to general manufacturing and/or specific to the gear industry.

AGMA Member Newsletter

Distributed on alternating Thursdays, this is the premier communication from AGMA. This newsletter contains both comprehensive member news as well as news from the association on upcoming events, training, and new resources.





American Gear Manufacturers Association



American Gear Manufacturers Association

AGMA is not just a standards organization or only a technical organization. The development of industry standards and other technical information is one of our key activities, but as AGMA's membership has grown and changed over the last 98 years, the association has changed with it. AGMA's membership now includes more than 495 corporate, consultant, and academic members in more than 30 countries around the world. 

AGMA is the gear industry's association - and it continues to adapt to the industry's needs and changing business landscape.