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18th June 2018

Development Engineer – Gear Process Theory

Development Engineer – Gear Process Theory

·         Job #1343-614


Position Summary:

The position requires a broad knowledge about bevel and hypoid gears. All commonly used methods, manufacturing machines, cutting, grinding and lapping processes as well as the existing software systems to design and optimize bevel and hypoid gears.


Job Responsibilities:

·         Ability to operate one or several of today’s existing bevel gear design program systems to perform the entire process, from the evaluation of all basic gear parameters to tooth contact analysis, undercut check, cutter and blade calculation, machine summary calculation and optimizations with programs that utilize higher order kinematic corrections.

·         Work in cross functional teams across the entire organization from contract management over the engineering, research & development, and manufacturing, to sales including customers is expected as it is a modern and most effective team configuration.

·         Integral function in complex team setups.

·         Conduct technical presentation within the company at customer sites and also in front of larger academic/scientific audiences at national and international conferences.

·         Writing of technical papers, based on developments conducted at The Gleason Works and as required and approved by senior management, as well as preparing Power Point presentations about all relevant scientific subjects is expected.


Qualifications (Knowledge, Skills & Abilities):

·         Knowledge to understand or interpret all required manufacturing data, for all production machines including flank form coordinate files.

·         Higher level skills in mathematics and calculus as well as physics, three dimensional geometry, electronics and computer science are required. Familiarity with bevel gear flank form simulation techniques. This includes the understanding of cutting force prediction and the formation of complex three-dimensional chips.

·         Ability to author technical papers, manuals and also be able to write texts which describe inventions in order to support the creation and filing of patent applications. It is expected, that the candidate wrote several technical papers and reports.

·         Ability to conduct investigations in Matlab or equivalent simulation programs.

·         Ability to read and understand bevel gear related programs (e.g. Fortan), code and ability to make adjustments and changes as required.

·         Basic knowledge in the theory and manufacturing processes of gears, especially bevel and hypoid gears.

·         Basic knowledge of different languages (Spanish, Italian, German) is desired.


Preferred Education/Training/Experience:

·         Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering with courses in advanced mathematics, calculus, and machine dynamics.  Master’s degree in Mechanical/Automotive Engineering preferred.

·         Minimum of 3 years’ experience in practical metal working.

·         6+ months experience in gear transmission design preferred.



Visit our careers page at to apply:

·        Job #1343-614        Development Engineer – Gear Process Theory

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