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30th November 2018

Project Manager

Mission Statement:

We will utilize our talents, diversity and resources to develop the procedures, tools, and personnel needed to set the standard in Industrial Maintenance.  We will set the standard by:

effective planning, executing on schedule and delivering a positive change in customer’s machine downtime and reliability with no compromise to safety!

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Project Managers will conduct themselves in a professional manner, lead by example and be a role model for others.
  • Be responsible for maintaining  and managing the B&D standards for overall appearance: trucks, equipment, paperwork and crew uniforms
  • Hold him/herself accountable as well as the crew for their actions and behaviors while on/in Customer property, B&D property or while out of town representing B&D Services
  • Be responsible for managing his/her time as well as the crew members; keep crews productive and working efficiently while on Customer time or B&D Shop time-Make every hour count for something.
  • Be responsible for accurate, legible and timely paperwork
  • Project Managers are responsible for turning in all job folders upon completion of the job within (3) working days.  Job folders will contain the following items:
    • Timesheet copies
    • P.O. copy with rental equipment cost
    • Material cost
    • Additional cost of tooling for job
    • Per diem costs
    • Copy of scope of work
    • Copy of Customer P.O.
    • Copy of quote
    • Quality Assurance checklist
    • Project Sheet
    • Tool/Gang box list
    • All Inspection Sheets associated with the job
  • Utilize planning with coaching and direction to assist in the development of crew skill levels
  • Upon receiving clear direction of job scope from Customer, Project Managers are responsible for coordination and executing overall maintenance tasks for the down day or outage.  Any delays or issues that will keep the job from finishing on time need to be communicated immediately to the Salesman or Customer.  (Follow the chain of command)
  • Project Managers will provide the interface and communication between Customer Maintenance, Customer Electrical, Customer Operations, and B&D Foremen
  • Project Managers are responsible for maintaining an in-depth knowledge of most if not all services provided by B&D Service Division.
  • Responsible for coordinating Safety Huddles prior to starting any job.  The huddle should be used to cover B&D Safety Expectations, Customer Expectations, Lock-Outs, communicate daily priorities and ensure any follow up from previous day has been covered.
  • Project Managers will be responsible for communicating job scope and expected start/finish times to foremen prior to starting the job. NOTE: Job scope and expectations need to be in writing and submitted to the assigned foremen prior to the start of the job.  
  • Project Managers that are scheduling emergency work after hours will be responsible for contacting on-call foreman, coordinating meeting place and time to be on job site.
  • Project Manager is responsible for walking the job down prior to turning crews loose from job site. (Fill out Quality Assurance Sheet)
  • Project Managers are responsible for calling Rental Company to stop rental and to schedule pick-up.
  • Project Managers are responsible for ensuring that all B&D tools, equipment and consumables are accounted for prior to leaving job site.

Job Relationships:

  • Supervises Foremen and Millwrights
  • Supervised by Field Services Group Operations Manager

Measured by:

  • Overall customer satisfaction
  • Sales and profitability of the job
  • Overall communication
  • Growth and development of crew members
  • Support of Company initiatives
  • Support, promotion and adherence to company policies

Additional Expectations:

  • Keep manager advised of any significant happenings involving customers and crew members
  • Assist in meeting divisional goals  




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