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28th June 2017

AGMA Members Identify Association Value Drivers

Alexandria, VA – AGMA members value their association’s efforts regarding Advancing Technology (including standards development) and Educating the Industry, according to a recently conducted member value survey conducted in May 2017. 

With a 100+ year history of developing standards, it’s no surprise that our approach and commitment to standards rates so high amongst the membership,” notes Matthew E. Croson, President of AGMA.  “Our education programming also scored very well, with its 14-face-to-face engineering oriented programs receiving the most praise for content.”

In May 2017, AGMA conducted a member value survey, asking its primary member representatives a fundamental question:  Overall, how effective is AGMA at: delivering business leads, educating the industry, supplying business intelligence, advancing technology, and creating business connections?

Members were asked to rate the organization as either “excellent,” “good,” “average,” “below average,” or “poor.”  The survey, sent to all primary contacts at current members, garnered a 31% response rate with 145 inputs out of 465 potential responses. 

On a five-point scale, and combining the ratings marked “Excellent” or “Good,” the following outlines the primary value drivers according to members in 2017:

·         87.59% reported Advancing Technology

·         83.45% reported Educating the Industry

·         63.88% reported Creating Business Connections

·         60% reported Supplying Business Intelligence

·         50.34% reported Delivering Business Leads

AGMA’s opportunity is to look at its other primary value drivers and improve scores by connecting AGMA programming more directly to member business issues,” adds Croson.  “AGMA’s strategic plan coupled with the new programming and projects that will be delivered over the next five years, will support the other programs as we look to improve scores in the other areas.

AGMA’s member value survey will be conducted every other year, and the 2017 version will serve as the baseline.  Each survey will be reviewed by the Board of Directors, and response strategies developed, as needed. 


“AGMA is a member driven organization, and taking account for how we are doing in the market of ideas and programming is a critical part of long term success for AGMA,” adds Croson.  “Our goal is to build a robust platform of programs and services that are tied directly the real business issues and concerns impacting members.”

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