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30th April 2014

AGMA New Information Sheet on Fine-Pitch Gear Specification Data

      The AGMA Fine Pitch Gearing Committee is pleased to announce the publication of the newly revised information sheet AGMA 910-D12 “Formats for Fine-Pitch Gear Specification Data”.

      AGMA 910 consists of a series of printed forms for gear drawings that contain the appropriate data to be tabulated by the gear designer for the gear manufacturer.  It also includes a series of definitions of the various tabulated items.

      This information supersedes AGMA 910-C90.
      AGMA 910-C90 was a revision of AGMA 114.02 which updates the style and formats for spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, wormgearing, face gears and racks.

      The new AGMA 910-D12 updates the information relative to the ANSI Y14.5 definitions for toleranced, basic and reference dimensions and clarifies previously ambiguous terminology.

      The new information sheet is available for purchase, in electronic format, click on the “STORE” button.

      The AGMA Fine Pitch Gearing Committee dedicates the new document to Irving Laskin.  His inspiration and dedication to the Fine-Pitch Committee’s work over many years helped lead to the development of this information sheet.  In addition, the committee wishes to thank all participants for their valuable contributions during the development of this new information sheet.

      To find out how you can get involved with any of the AGMA committees which actively serve the industry, contact Headquarters at for details.

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