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6th January 2014

AGMA - New Standard: Marine Gear Units


      Standard for Marine Gear Units: Rating and Application for Spur and Helical Gear Teeth

      The AGMA Helical Enclosed Drive Marine Units Committee recently completed the development of the next version of their popular flagship standard ANSI/AGMA 6032-B13 “Standard for Marine Gear Units: Rating and Application for Spur and Helical Gear Teeth”.

      The new standard supersedes ANSI/AGMA 6032-A94.

      Similar to its previous version, the new edition presents the methodology for determining the ratings of marine reduction and reversing gear systems driven by internal combustion engines, electric motors, and steam or gas turbines.  In addition, the new version includes;

  •           moderate revisions to the allowable stresses, sac and sat, of some materials;
  •           redefining of the dynamic factor, Kv;
  •           replacement of the application factor, Ka, with an overload factor, Ko, and service factors, CSF and KSF to be more consistent with current practice in the marine industry;
  •           the effect of the increased safety factors, historically used for capital ships, into the service factors;
  •           gear rating in terms of allowable transmitted power rather than working stress as was the practice in the previous version;
  •           a new annex which addresses derating of the bull gear for astern operation of the vessel.

      Furthermore, in the new version, basic rating equations which are included in ANSI/AGMA 2001-D04 and references relating to rating methods based on K factor and unit load have been removed.  And finally, the title of the standard has been revised to be more indicative of the content and a new Metric Edition of the standard has been created.

      The new standards, ANSI/AGMA 6032-B13 and its metric edition ANSI/AGMA 6132-B13, are available for purchase, in electronic format, on the AGMA website click on the “STANDARDS” button.

      The AGMA Helical Enclosed Drive Marine Units Committee wishes to thank all participants for their valuable contributions during the development of these new standards.

      To find out how you can get involved with any of the AGMA committees which actively serve the industry, contact Headquarters at for details.

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