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26th January 2018

Blassingame Invited To Serve As A Commissioner For IACET

Alexandria, VA – AGMA’s Director of Education Casandra Blassingame has been invited to serve a three-year term as a commissioner by the Board of Directors of the International Association for Continuing Education & Training (IACET). As a commissioner, Blassingame will join a team of leaders who oversee the review process for organizations and institutions seeking IACET accreditation.   

IACET is a Reston-based accreditation association that certifies the efforts of education and training organizations, giving companies that earn the accreditation a valuable mark of excellence. AGMA became IACET accredited in December 2017, offering students the ability to obtain CEUs upon completion of the courses.

“IACET accreditation is reflective of the organizations commitment to providing quality education and training. I am honored and excited about the opportunity to serve in this capacity,” said Blassingame.  “I look forward to working on behalf of IACET, assisting organizations in achieving their accreditation goals, and aligning the efforts we are developing at AGMA to the IACET mission.” 

As Director of Education at AGMA, Blassingame is leading the trade association’s efforts to reinvigorate and grow the organizations engineer-oriented training program.  As part of its five-year strategic plan, AGMA is developing new courses, updating and revising existing materials, and developing a team of professional trainers to deliver training. 

“The education and training of our next generation engineer is a critical part of AGMA’s strategic plan, where we are asked to deliver the training our member company employees need to ensure we are developing innovative solutions,” said Matthew E. Croson, President of AGMA.  “Every AGMA company feels the pressure to find, train and develop engineering talent, and what Casandra and the Education Committee team is working on is a critical element of our industry’s future.  We are pleased that IACET recognized the talents Casandra brings to the table, and will include her in this leadership position.” 

AGMA delivers 14 different face-to-face and online training programs in any given year, and also offers free-to-members online training programs covering a wide variety of fundamental training.  Over the next five years, AGMA will create 10 new programs, covering all facets of engineering training, and will research operator level training as well.   

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