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Skills Assessment Tool

Skills Assessment Tool

This tool is a matrix that assists gear manufacturers in the hiring of new employees and skills assessment of current employees. The tool guides users through a list of job positions, than five sets of skills required to complete those tasks, and the competency requirements of each skill. The tool has been designed dynamically to afford users complete customization.

Job Functions are:

  • Gear Manufacturing Engineer
  • Gear Inspector
  • Gear Hobbing Operator
  • Gear Shaping Operator
  • Gear Grinding Operator
  • Gear Design Engineer
  • Gearbox Design Engineer

This tool is a member benefit of AGMA. It is a Microsoft Excel version 10 file. Download the file here.

Contact AGMA directly with any questions: 703.684.0211 or

Special thanks go to the members of the Task Force: chair Jeff Reynolds, Rolls-Royce; Briggs Forelli, Precision Gear Incorporated; Robert Maggetti, Triumph Gear Systems-Macomb, Inc.; Tom Marino, Gear Technology; Rustin Mikel, Forest City Gear Company; Matt Mondek, Reliance Gear Corporation; and Robert Sakuta, Delta Gear.