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Request for Interpretation (RFI)

Request for Interpretation (RFI) is the formal term given to questions that AGMAreceives about a specific subject covered in our standards. The questions are submitted to the appropriate AGMA Technical Committee for review and response. To ensure wide dissemination of the information contained in these questions and their responses, AGMA publishes them on our web site.

The complete RFIs are below.

How to Submit an RFI

A Request for Interpretation must be sent, via email, to or via U.S. post to:

ATTN: Vice President, Technical Division
1001 N. Fairfax Street, 5th Floor
Alexandria, VA 22314

The request must include the following:

  • Requester’s contact information including name, company, phone number, and e-mail address;
  • The title, number, and date of standard to be interpreted;
  • A clear and concise statement of the question; and
  • The circumstances of the application which prompted the question(s) to ensure relevance of response.

Please forward any questions to or call our office at 703-684-0211