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Help to shape tomorrow’s standards for the gear industry by joining one of AGMA’s 23 active Technical Committees. You could make an impact both in the United States and around the world. Learn more by talking with a member of our technical department at 703.684.0211 or tech@agma.org


Read about the scope and work of each committee. 

AGMA technical committees hold over 100 meetings each year to develop the standards in our industry. For a complete list of upcoming meetings visit the Events & Training section of this website.


Aerospace Gearing Committee

Scope: Determines special considerations required for gears used in aerospace applications. Responsible for AGMA information sheets 911 and 926.
Chair: Michael Broglie, Dudley Technical Group, Inc.
Current Work: Working on the development of AGMA 937-AXX, Design Manual for Aerospace Bevel Gears.
Staff Liaison: Amy Lane

Bevel Gearing Committee

Scope: Evaluates all aspects of bevel gearing, except inspection (TAG to WG13). Responsible for AGMA standards 929, 932, 934, 2003, 2005, 2008.
Chair: Robert F. Wasilewski, Arrow Gear Company
ISO Delegate: Ted Krenzer, Gleason Corporation
Staff Liaison: aboutaleb@agma.org">Amir Aboutaleb

Computer Programming Committee

Scope: Facilitates standards with the use of computer software. Responsible for the Gear Rating Suite.
Chair: Allen Williston, A&J Engineering
Current Project: Developing a software to perform load distribution factor (Cm Solve) based on AGMA 927-A01.
Staff Liaison: Justin Sikorski

Cutting Tools Committee

Scope: Evaluates tools for producing gear teeth, such as hobs, shaper cutters, etc. (TAG to WG3). Responsible for AGMA standards 1102, 1104.
Chair: Michael Tennutti, Gleason Cutting Tools Corp.
ISO Delegate: Michael Tennutti, Gleason Cutting Tools Corp.
Current Work: Working on new document, AGMA 1107-AXX, Tolerance Specification for Form Milling Cutters
Staff Liaison: Amy Lane

Enclosed Drives for Industrial Applications Committee

Scope: Evaluates the design, rating and application of enclosed drives in which helical, herringbone or spiral bevel gears are the principal form of gearing (TAG to WG10). Responsible for AGMA standards 6001, 6013, 6113, 14179.
Chair: Todd Praneis, Cotta Transmission Company, LLC
Current Project: Revising ANSI/AGMA 6013-A06, Standard for Industrial Enclosed Gear Drives
Staff Liaison: Justin Sikorski

Epicyclic Enclosed Drives (Planetary) Committee

Scope: Evaluates the design, rating and application for enclosed drives employing epicyclic gear arrangements. Responsible for AGMA standard 6123.
Chair: Octave LaBath, Gear Consulting Services of Cincinnati, LLC
Current Project: Revising ANSI/AGMA 6123-B06, Design Manual for Enclosed Epicyclic Gear Drives.
Staff Liaison: Justin Sikorski

Fine-Pitch Gearing Committee

Scope: Evaluates design considerations, tooth forms and other aspects which must be treated in a different manner for fine-pitch gears and face gears. Responsible for AGMA information sheets  910 and 917 and AGMA standard 1003.
Chair: Dan Seger, Perry Technology Corp.
Current Work: Working on AGMA 916-AXX
Staff Liaison: Amy Lane


Flexible Couplings Committee

Scope: Evaluates the design, rating and application of mechanical connectors for transmitting torque without slip and for accommodating misalignment between axially oriented rotors (TAG to TC 14). Responsible for AGMA information sheet 922 and AGMA standards 9001, 9002, 9003, 9004, 9008, 9009, 9103, 9104 and 9112.
Chair: Glenn Pokrandt, Rexnord Industries, LLC
Current Work: Preparing to conclude a general ballot on AGMA 9110-AXX.
Staff Liaison: Amy Lane

Gear Accuracy Committee

Scope: Develops classification systems covering the dimensional accuracy of gears and associated measurement methods and equipment (TAG to WG2). Responsible for AGMA standards 915-1, 915-3, 2002, 2009, 2015.
Chair: Steve Lindley, Rexnord Gear Group
ISO Delegate: John Rinaldo, Atlas Copco Comptec, LLC
Staff Liaison: Amir Aboutaleb

Helical Enclosed Drives High Speed Units Committee

Scope: Evaluates the design, rating and application of enclosed helical gear drives where the pitchline velocity exceeds 5,000 fpm or pinion speed exceeds 3,600 rpm (TAG to WG11). Responsible for AGMA standard 6011.
Chair: John Amendola, Artec Machine Systems
Staff Liaison: Justin Sikorski
Current Project: Revising ANSI/AGMA 6011-E95, Specifications for High Speed Helical Gear Units

Helical Enclosed Drives Marine Units Committee

Scope: Evaluates the design, rating and application of enclosed drives in which helical gears are the principal form for propulsion and/or ship service generator sets. Responsible for AGMA standards 6032, 6132, 6033, 6133.
Chair: Art Nelson, Lufkin Industries, Inc.
Current Project: Revising ANSI/AGMA 6032-A94 Standard for Marine Gear Units: Rating and Application for Spur and Helical Gear Teeth.
Staff Liaison: Justin Sikorski

Helical Gear Rating Committee

Current work: The committee continues in their pursuit to develop what is envisioned to be the next generation of AGMA 2001, the landmark standard on spur and helical load capacity. They are discussing new approaches to the various rating factors, including advanced analyses, through research into technical literature. They are contributing participants, serving as the US TAG, to the many projects ongoing in ISO on rating and micropitting.
Scope: Determines strength and durability rating of spur and helical gears (TAG to WG6). Responsible for AGMA standards 901, 908, 918, 925, 927, 2001, 2101.
Chair: Frank Uherek, Rexnord Industries, LLC
ISO Delegate: Robin Olson, Rexnord Industries, LLC
Staff Liaison: Amir Aboutaleb

Lubrication Committee

Scope: Covers the description and application of lubrication of open and enclosed gear sets (TAG to WG12). Responsible for AGMA standard 9005.
Chair: Bill Hankes, A-C Equipment
Current Project: Revising ANSI/AGMA 9005-E02, Industrial Gear Lubrication
Staff Liaison: Justin Sikorski

 Metallurgy and Materials Committee

Scope: Evaluates gear materials and heat treatment (TAG to WG14). Responsible for AGMA standards 923, 938, 2004, 2007.
Current work: The committee continues on their efforts to support the development of the next edition of ISO 14104 on surface temper etch inspection and ISO 6336-5 which provides metallurgical quality specifications for gear materials. In addition they are discussing enhancements to AGMAS 923, the reference information sheet focusing on material properties.
Chair: Dale Weires, Boeing Rotocraft
ISO Delegate: Carl Ribaudo, Sr. Metallurgist at The Timken Company
Staff Liaison: Amir Aboutaleb

Mill Gearing Committee

Scope: Evaluates special considerations required for helical and herringbone gears used to drive cylindrical grinding mills, kilns, dryers and metal rolling mills. Responsible for AGMA standards 6014, 6015, 6114.
Chair: Gary Bish, Horsburgh & Scott Company
Current Projects: Developing a technical standard that specifies a method for rating the pitting resistance and bending strength of herringbone, double helical and helical involute gear pairs, as applied to metal rolling mills. Revising ANSI/AGMA 6014-A06, Gear Power Rating for Cylindrical Shell and Trunnion Supported Equipment
Staff Liaison: Justin Sikorski

Nomenclature Committee

Scope: Develops definitions, symbols, terms, etc., for all types and elements of gears (TAG to WG4).
Responsible for AGMA Standards 912, 913, 933, 1010, 1012
Chair: Dwight Smith, Cole Manufacturing Systems
ISO Delegate: John Rinaldo, Atlas Copco Comptec, Inc.
Current Project: Revising ANSI/AGMA 1010-E95, Appearance of Gear Teeth - Terminology of Wear and Failure
Staff Liaison: Amir Aboutaleb

Plastics Committee

Scope: Evaluates materials, design, rating, manufacturing, inspection, and application of molded or cut-tooth plastics gearing. Responsible for AGMA Standards 9009, 920, 1006, 1106
Chair: Richard Kuhr, ABA-PGT, Inc.

Staff Liaison: Amir Aboutaleb

Powder Metallurgy Committee 

Scope: Evaluates materials, design, rating, manufacturing, inspection, and application of powder metallurgy gearing. Responsible for AGMA Standards 930, 936, 942, 6008
Chair: Paul Crawford, MTD Products, Inc.

Sound & Vibration Committee

Scope: Evaluates sound and vibration specifications and methods as applied to gearing, generally to enclosed gear drives (TAG to WG9). Responsible for AGMA standards 914, 919, 6000, 6025.

Chair: Darwin D. Behlke, Twin Disc, Incorporated
Current Project: Beginning an information sheet for the application of vibration analysis, tribology and monitoring of temperature and pressure in condition-monitoring programs. Where possible, establishing baseline data and limits will be suggested.
Staff Liaison: Justin Sikorski

Spline Committee 

Scope:Working on a comprehensive set of standards on design, rating, acuracy, application, inspection, and maintenance of splines. 
Chair: Steve McKenny, GM Powertrain
Vice Chairman: Todd Praneis, Cotta Transmission

ISO Delegate: Todd Schatzka, Rexnord Industries
Staff Liaison: Justin Sikorski

Vehicle Gearing Committee
Evaluates special considerations required for gears used on vehicles propelled along the ground. Responsible for AGMA standard 6002.
Chair: Rick Platt, Allison Transmission, Inc.
Current Work: Work continues on AGMA 6002-CXX.
Staff Liaison: Amy Lane

Wind Turbine Gear Committee
This is a joint committee with the American Wind Energy Association that develops gear standards used in the production of wind energy (TAG to IEC/ISO JWG). Responsible for AGMA standard 6006.
Chair: Brent Reardon, Garrad Hassan America, Inc.
ISO Delegate: Brent Reardon, GL Garrad Hassan
Staff Liaison: Amir Aboutaleb

Wormgearing Committee
Covers all aspects of cylindrical and globoidal wormgearing, including design, rating, application of enclosed drives and inspection (TAG to WG7). Responsible for AGMA standards 2011, 2111, 6022, 6034, 6035, 6135.
Chair: Martin Peculis, Cleveland Gear Company
ISO Delegate: Hani Almoghrabi, Grove Gear Division of Regal Beloit
Current Work: The committee is working on the revision of AGMA 6034 and AGMA 6035, focusing on load capacity calculations and reviewing material considerations, and effects of the properties of lubricants typically used with wormgear drives.
Staff Liaison: Amir Aboutaleb