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AGMA's membership has grown and changed over the last 100 years, the association has changed with it. AGMA's membership now includes more than 490 corporate, consultant, and academic members in more than 32 countries around the world.

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Ask Yourself:

How does my company stack up?

What's going on in the world gear market?

Where do I find effective training programs for employees?

Who has information available that can make my company more competitive?


AGMA can provide answers to all these questions and more. In many cases, AGMA is the only reliable source for information critical to the gear indsutry and your company. AGMA members have an advantage over their competition through access to publications, reports, training, and meetings, as well as for networking with peers in the industry.


Gear Manufacturer

Companies that manufacture gears, gear products, and/or flexible couplings for sale as such, or as component parts of end-use products. Companies must have a bona fide gear or flexible couplings manufacturing facility.


Suppliers to the Industry

Companies manufacturing and/or selling machinery, raw materials, or services (including inspection, testing, consulting, and sales representation.) Dues are based on total worldwide sales attributable to the gear production industry.


End User

Companies that do not manufacture any gears, but use gears, gear products, and/or flexible couplings as component parts of end-use products.

Technical Consultant

Consultant Membership is restricted to consultants to the gear industry.  The individual must be engaged in full time consulting as a sole proprietor of his/her company.  Individuals who are employed either full-time or part-time by a company or corporation are not eligible for Consultant Membership.


AGMA has a special Academic Membership for educational institutions.  Teachers of Engineering or Department Heads may apply for membership.  Applicants should submit a letter from the applicant’s superior, on university letterhead, stating that the applicant is involved in mechanical power transmission education and, in his opinion, the applicant is eligible for membership in the American Gear Manufacturers Association.


The primary purpose of Emeritus Membership is to keep individuals involved in the association after they have retired from the industry. AGMA will also benefit from continued access to the industry knowledge these individuals bring to the association.

How to Apply

PDF Application - Fax

This application is a .pdf file. You can download the .pdf file and print it out. You can send the form via fax to 703-684-0242.


PDF Application

This application is a writable .pdf file. You can download the .pdf file and fill out electronically and SAVE to your computer. Then send the saved file in an e-mail to