AGMA Staff

AGMA is governed by its Board of Directors, as well as the Technical Division Executive Committee (TDEC) and the Business Management Executive Committee (BMEC). AGMA’s TDEC oversees the work of technical projects, while the BMEC oversees the work of business committees.

Matthew E. Croson
Jenny Blackford
Rebecca Brinkley
Director, Member Engagement & Communications
Courtney Carroll
Senior Manager, Technical Services
Mary Ellen Doran
Director, Emerging Tech
Aaron Fagan
Senior Editor, Gear Technology
Dorothy Fiandaca
Advertising Materials Coordinator
Dave Friedman
Associate Publisher & Advertising Sales Manager
Megan Harrold
Digital Content Specialist
Matt Jaster
Senior Editor
Leah Lewis
Director, Meetings & Events
Robin McWilliams
Events Coordinator
Katie Nichols
Events Assistant
Jess Oglesby
Design Manager
Phillip Olson
Director, Technical Division
Todd Praneis
Vice President, Technical Division
Colton Schlotman
Digital Communications Specialist
Jessica Schuh
Membership Specialist
Stephanie Smialek
Education Manager
Randy Stott
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
Carol Tratar
Circulation Manager