AGMA Emerging Technology Committee Publishes White Paper with a Focus on Gearing in the Rising Electric Vehicle Market

AGMA Emerging Technology Committee Publishes White Paper with a Focus on Gearing in the Rising Electric Vehicle Market

Mary Ellen Doran,
AGMA Director – Emerging Technology

May 5, 2021 – Alexandria, VA – The AGMA Electric Drive Technology Committee released a white paper today titled, “A Gearing-Centric Snapshot of the EV Space”. The paper takes a detailed look at the gearing developments in drivetrain design. The Committee worked to provide the industry with information on the diversity in drivetrain design; the high-level technology in the machine tool market; new players in the market with new ideas; different and higher precision manufacturing processes; and the quest for the silent drivetrain. The paper also provides high-level information including some history of electric vehicles, the evolution of the EV consumer, and current regulations driving some of the changes in these industries.

This paper was written to fulfill the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) emerging technology committees’ goal to “identify, investigate and inform AGMA members of emerging technologies that may disrupt or significantly impact the power transmission industry.” The AGMA Electric Drive Technology Committee spent more than six-months in development, research and thoughtful collaboration to develop the document. The Committee’s more than 35 members span the electric vehicle market from gear manufacturers, to suppliers to the industry, to automobile manufacturers.

“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future wrote Neils Bohr”, commented Michael Cinquemani, Chair of the Committee. “Dr. Bohr would be proud of this AGMA White Paper. In it we present the current state of electrification in the transportation industry and the factors which will determine the adoption of electric vehicles. This information, collected from experts inside and outside the committee, gives AGMA members what they need to assess for themselves the potential impact of electrification on their business.” Cinquemani is also CEO & President of Master Power Transmission in Greenville, SC

The paper is available for free to all and can be downloaded through the store on the AGMA website at


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