Driving Innovation Forward: The Power of NORD’s Drive Electronics

NORD’s wide range of electronic control products offer a flexible, dynamic, and cost-effective solution to intelligently automate drive systems.

Together with high-efficiency gear motors, NORD variable frequency drives intelligently control conveyor systems with high precision regulation, motor brake management, and POSICON integrated positioning mode for synchronous operation.

Electronic drive technology such as variable frequency drives and motor starters optimize automation with dynamic control of speed, precision regulation, and scalable functionality. Electronic control products from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are designed with flexible adaptation to any application and are quick to install, easy to operate, and compatible with all common bus systems and controllers. NORD offers AC vector drives for centralized operation in a control cabinet as well as for decentralized, fully integrated use directly on the motor. Both design options offer an Industry 4.0 solution that can be networked and with the internal PLC, enable pre-processing of internal status data or data from externally connected sensors for remote status monitoring.

In the Food & Beverage Industry, canning and bottling plants require strict quality standards and must maintain full availability while avoiding failures and unplanned downtimes. Using reliable technology with simple maintenance is key to operational efficiency. NORDAC PRO SK 500P variable frequency drives from NORD offer a control cabinet solution with scalable functionality, easy installation, and high precision regulation. An integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface enables efficient connection to Ethernet-based control systems as well as remote control of the drives. Via online maintenance, users can inspect the entire system, check for faults, and evaluate data from all NORD variable frequency drives in specific plant sections to plan for service. These VFDs also feature POSICON integrated positioning mode and precise speed control to ensure containers are not falling over during conveyance, stop at the correct positions when being filled, and run at high conveyor speeds during sealing.

Airport baggage handling systems are intricate arrangements of complex conveyor lines that must operate with precision and reliability. Many of these conveyors utilize helical bevel gear units from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS paired with decentralized, motor mounted NORDAC FLEX variable frequency drives and either IE3 synchronous motors or IE5+ permanent magnet synchronous motors. Together, this modular solution is cost-effective, supports easy maintenance, and is easy to install via quick connectors that allow for preassembly. Variable frequency drives in these solutions often have the brake rectifier integrated directly into the VFD for dynamic control, enabling rapid starting and stopping of the conveyors as baggage travels through the system. Additional options such as Safe Torque Off (STO) safety circuit, Ethernet/PROFINET network control, and a local/remote selector switch can also be configured with the drives to increase safety measures as well as reduce the hardware and cabling required to wire the baggage system.

Distribution centers utilize a variety of applications such as curved conveyors, conveyor belts, mergers/pushers, vertical conveyors, lifters, and more to efficiently move parcels from one end of the facility to the other. NORD’s LogiDrive complete drive solution is ideal for these applications thanks to its focus on energy efficiency, variant reduction, low maintenance, and long service life. In advanced LogiDrive solutions, a NORDAC LINK variable frequency drive is combined with either a DuoDrive integrated gear unit and motor or a NORDBLOC.1® helical bevel gear unit with an IE5+ synchronous motor. NORDAC LINK VFDs feature full Plug & Play capabilities for quick commissioning and easy maintenance, various functional safety options, and motor brake management to prevent parcel disruptions. Smooth operation and transfer between conveyors is achieved thanks to high precision regulation and synchronization. The integrated Ethernet interface can additionally be extended though optional modules to meet precise application requirements.

NORD developed NORDAC ON/ON+ variable frequency drives to meet the special needs of horizontal conveyor technology. Many intralogistics applications utilize these VFDs in combination with IE3 asynchronous motors (NORDAC ON) or IE5+ synchronous motors (NORD ON+) due to their high precision control and high overload characteristics for both synchronous and asynchronous motors. These VFDs also include integrated functions to optimize operational performance of conveyors, an integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface for easy integration into automation systems, and full Plug & Play functionality for quick installation and maintenance.

Automation in theaters is used to move spotlights, curtains, and stage elements quickly and efficiently while prioritizing the safety of actors and stage workers. For these environments, NORD utilizes versatile NORDAC PRO SK 500P control cabinet variable frequency drives paired with reliable gear motors. These centralized VFDs feature integrated brake management, a brake chopper and line filter, sensor-less current vector control, and enable the programming of complete performances via touchscreen operating consoles. Integrated functional safety options also ensure drives can operate seamlessly in the vicinity of artists, technical staff, and even the audience while avoiding serious accidents.

From bottling plants to theater hoists, NORD’s innovative drive technology can be configured to match a wide range of applications. Learn more by visiting www.nord.com.

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With more than 4,000 employees, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has been developing, producing and selling drive technology for more than 50 years, and is one of the global leaders of full-service providers in the industry. In addition to standard drives, NORD delivers application-specific concepts and solutions for special requirements such as energy-saving drives or explosion-protected systems. In financial year 2017, annual sales amounted to $781 million. NORD now has subsidiaries and sales partners in 98 countries worldwide. The dense sales and service network guarantees optimal availability, enabling short delivery times and customer-oriented service. NORD produces a very diverse range of drives for torques from 88 to more than 2.2 million lb-in, provides electric motors in the power range of 0.16 to 1,341 HP, and manufactures frequency inverters with the required power electronics of up to 215 HP. Inverter solutions are available for conventional control cabinet installations as well as for decentralized, fully-integrated drive units.