AGMA Certificate Programs

Daniel Francis, Philadelphia Gear.

More than 3,000 individuals have completed courses and earned certificates through AGMA’s Education Department. We are proud that our industry leaders are committed to assisting their employees in gaining valuable knowledge and insight. By making these training opportunities available, industry leaders retain a qualified and skilled workforce.

A leader in gear education, AGMA continues to expand course offerings to meet the needs of the gear industry. Learners engage in professional development training by completing courses to earn the Advanced Gear Engineering Certificate and the Gear Manufacturing Certificate. It is a laudable achievement and demonstrates a high level of commitment.

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Current Certificate Programs

From left to right:
Michael Quarg, Philadelphia Gear
Francis Spencer, Philadelphia Gear
Michael Robertson, Bell Flight
Ray Drago, Instructor
Gear Manufacturing Certificate

All of the following must be completed in face-to-face or live, instructor-led virtual formats:

  • Basic Training for Gear Manufacturing
  • Fundamentals of Gear Design and Analysis
  • Gear Manufacturing and Inspection
  • Two additional advanced face-to face or live, instructor-led virtual courses
Advanced Gear Engineering Certificate

Any five of the following advanced courses in face-to-face or live, instructor-led virtual formats:

  • Gear Failure Analysis
  • Gearbox CSI
  • Gear Manufacturing and Inspection
  • Gearbox Systems Design
  • Steels for Gear Applications
  • Detailed Gear Design
  • Epicyclic Gear Design
  • Bevel Gear Design
  • Worm Gear
  • Gear Systems Design for Minimum Noise
  • Gear Materials
Advanced Gear Engineering Certificate (for International Industry Professionals outside of North America)

All of the following must be completed:

  • On-Demand Video Training: Detailed Gear Design
  • On-Demand Video Training: Gearbox CSI: Gears Only
  • On-Demand Video Training: Gear Failure Analysis
  • Two additional advanced face-to-face or live, instructor-led virtual courses (see list of courses below Advanced Gear Engineering Certificate)