Accelerating Gear Product Development with 3D-printed Mold Tooling

November 1, 2023

2023 Emerging Tech Webinar Series – November


The process of prototyping plastic gears has traditionally been an expensive and time-consuming endeavor that inhibits the speed of product development and limits companies’ agility in meeting customer demands.

3D printed steel tooling offers great promise in accelerating the development of plastic gearing, dramatically reducing lead times and costs. 

This webinar will share how manufacturers use plastic and metal 3D printing to accelerate the time to bring a new product to market. We will review in detail applications of metal 3D printed prototypes, bridge, and production mold tooling for plastic injection molded gears. 

Ethan Rejto, Director of Marketing, Mantle

Ethan is the Director of Marketing at Mantle. Ethan has extensive experience in technical marketing for design and manufacturing products. He previously ran the technical marketing team at Desktop Metal, a 3D printing manufacturer focused on volume production. Before that, Ethan worked on the rapid prototyping team at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, where he worked on the laser communication system for the NASA Orion mission. Ethan has a Master of Engineering from Boston University and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Colorado, Boulder

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