Blockchain all grown up – Zero trust design explained

February 1, 2023

2023 Emerging Tech Webinar Series – February

Zero trust design reduces assumptions of trust in computer systems leading to increased confidence for decision making and reducing the need for manual review. This is key to tackling many of the biggest challenges our society faces today like financial fraud, supply chain instability, election integrity, and so much more. This new paradigm will transform the cyber security landscape and even enable completely new business models. This technology is essential wherever data is valued and information security is paramount. By achieving complete confidence in our data, humanity is about to unlock the next era of automation with capabilities only limited by the reaches of our imagination. At Notoros, Inc., their team has developed the technology to make zero trust easy to adopt for any software, past, present, or future.



Andrew Brick, Chief Product Officer

Andrew got started in the Blockchain space over 10 years ago, prior to earning a Master’s of Electrical Engineering. Since then he’s worked in cybersecurity and distributed ledger technology at all levels of the stack including developing a loyalty points exchange for the NASDAQ, designing Web3 solutions for ESG markets, and building a peer-to-peer product exchange for the developing world. Now he is the co-creator of Notoros: a zero trust developer platform built to meet the needs of US businesses & critical infrastructure.

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