How Clean Steels Support Emerging Automotive Gear & Bearing Technologies

April 3, 2024

2024 Emerging Tech Webinar Series
April 3, 2024

Nonmetallic inclusions are particles inherent to the steelmaking process that are known to reduce the fatigue life on parts exposed to continuous stresses. Steel producers are challenged to minimize inclusions and ultimately reduce detrimental effects on the final product.

The need for high-strength steel parts with lightweight design and increased fatigue life and better performance is more important than ever. Bearing steels used in safety-critical parts – including wheel hubs, constant-velocity joints (CVJs), transmission and differential gears, pinions, and others – are clear examples.

Join Gerdau and AGMA/ABMA for this webinar, where we will better understand what clean steels are and how emerging technologies within the automotive industry are calling for the support of clean steels in bearing and gear applications. Gerdau will also be introducing their new clean steels brand during this event.

Denise Correa de Oliveira

Research & Development Manager, Gerdau Special Steel

Denise is the Research & Development Manager for Gerdau Special Steel North America. Denise’s main challenges include developing new grades for the automotive market, optimizing internal processes to make Gerdau steel even better, and leading the development of clean steel technology. Denise graduated as a Materials Engineer and has a Master’s degree and a PhD degree in Metallurgical Engineering and an MBA. Denise is also a member of the Metallurgy & Materials and Electric Vehicle Technology committees at the AGMA.

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