Inspecting Gears with Industrial X-ray CT

August 2, 2023

2023 Emerging Tech Webinar Series – August

Industrial X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) is the gold standard for quality assurance in manufacturing. Unfortunately, the complexity and cost of legacy systems have kept this vital inspection tool out of reach for most companies. Easy to use and an order of magnitude less expensive than competitors, the Lumafield Neptune industrial CT scanner and Voyager analysis software make it possible to not only add CT to your frontline toolkit for the first time but also generate and share data with unprecedented ease. 

This presentation will delve into the actionable insights that Lumafield’s platform can provide into a range of manufactured gears — from plastic assemblies to enclosed gear boxes. Analyzing parts provided by AGMA members, attendees will learn how to use CT to inspect tooth engagement, detect and measure porosity in cast metal parts, and take otherwise-impossible measurements of internal components.


Andreas Bastian, Lumafield Co-Founder and Head of Product

Prior to Lumafield, Andreas led research in machine learning for engineering for aerospace and product design at Autodesk. In collaboration with NASA JPL, he developed generative design for space applications.

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