Practical Challenges in Predicting Gear Reliability Utilizing Big Data and Digital Twins

May 1, 2024

2024 Emerging Tech Webinar Series
May 1, 2024

Gear rating methods such as ISO 6336 output calculations for gear life, implying that it can predict gear reliability, or how many gears will fail in any set of loading conditions. The real situation is not so simple. This webinar investigates the reasons why, and makes recommendations on what can be done, both now and in the future. It goes on to discuss an initiative by Hexagon where cloud-based Digital Twins are being used to harvest data from in-service vehicles to obtain duty cycles on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis. It will be shown how the abundance of data can be used to derive greater accuracy in gear life calculations, whilst still being based on ISO 6336.

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Barry James

Senior Technical Leader for Design and Engineering

Barry James has worked in gearbox engineering for over 30 years. He first joined Romax Technology in 1995 and has had many roles, delivering training, support, consultancy, research, bespoke design services and patent writing. He has been involved in many of Romax’s innovations during that time, including housing stiffness, NVH, e-NVH, efficiency and thermal calculations. In 2020, Romax was acquired by Hexagon, which has allowed Barry’s technical knowledge to be applied to the broader subjects of gear metrology and acquisition of in-service data from vehicle fleets, hence the current work on Digital Twins. 

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