Intellectual Property Policy

AGMA encourages the production of creative and scholarly research, works, and inventions, known broadly as Intellectual Property among contractors and staff. The products of this scholarship may create rights and interests on behalf of the creator, author, inventor, sponsor and the AGMA as well as the general public. The AGMA will assert ownership rights to Intellectual Property developed under circumstances set forth below:

  • The AGMA and the employee or contractor have entered into a written work-for-hire agreement;
  • The Intellectual Property was developed as part of an externally sponsored research program or other agreement that specifically allocates or assigns rights to the AGMA;
  • With respect to non-instructional employees (including paid students workers), any work produced in the performance of their duties for the AGMA, whether or not specifically directed to do so prior to creation or production of such work.
  • Without permission, reproduction of any AGMA presented materials is strictly prohibited…

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