Forest City Gear Turning Lead Joins Rock Valley College as Adjunct Professor

Roscoe, IL (April 10, 2024) – Forest City Gear, an industry-leading manufacturer of fine and medium pitch custom gears, is pleased to share that Turning Lead Josh P. Gates has joined Rock Valley College as an adjunct professor. 

Gates teaches two courses under the Manufacturing Engineering Technology program: MET 111 CNC Machine Setup/Operation/Programming and MET 226 CNC/CAM Operations I. Both courses are required to complete the Rock River Valley Tooling & Machining Association (RRVTMA) CNC Precision Machinist Journeyman Apprenticeship. 

“During my apprenticeship, I was disappointed with the quality and depth of some of the classes. They were just refreshers for me, but I knew that some of my peers were learning for the first time and would be missing out,” says Gates. “I met with the dean of CTE and expressed my concerns, and she told me, ‘Well then, apply and teach it yourself!’ And here I am.”

Gates joined the Rock Valley College staff during the spring semester of 2023. His student mix is mainly RRVTMA apprentices and some Northern Illinois University Engineering students. He’s changed the framework of the courses to allow students significantly more time out of the classroom and in the workshop. “I’m teaching my students how to set up and operate a CNC machine,” says Gates. “So that hands-on environment is critical.” 

“I am so proud of Josh for taking the initiative to make a positive impact on this program and within our manufacturing community,” says Forest City Gear President Kika Young. “Josh is intelligent, expressive, and energetic, and is the perfect fit to ignite excitement in the classroom for manufacturing. We are incredibly lucky to have Josh at FCG and to have him be a shining example of furthering the manufacturing industry, and the next generation, forward.”

“I’m passionate about this career and trying to get young people into it,” says Gates. “Committed to continuing to improve program and industry for the future generation. This is just the first step.” 

Since 1955, Roscoe, IL based, family-owned Forest City Gear has been one of the gear industry’s leading sources for the development, manufacture, and inspection of the highest quality gears for use in applications that range from medical devices to motorcycles, airplanes to automation, including the Mars Perseverance Rover.  

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