ANSI/AGMA 6123-B06, Design Manual for Enclosed Epicyclic Gear Drives

Comment restated:

There appears to be an error in table 8 of ANSI/AGMA 6123-B06 for six planets under application level 2.

For all the other number of planets, the Mesh Load Factor goes down or remains the same as you move from application level 1 to application level 2 (as would be expected). However, for six planets the Mesh Load Factor actually increases from 1.38 to 1.44, indicating a higher worst case load (poorer load distribution) for improved quality and floating member.

Please let me know if the value is correct, and, if so, what the intended value for application level 2 and six planets should be.

AGMA’s response:

The values given in table 8 of ANSI/AGMA 6123-B06 are Mesh Load Factors. They were intended to be consistent with the product of the Load Share per Planet factors provided in table 8-1 of ANSI/AGMA6123-A88 times the number of planets. The value of 1.44 for Mesh Load Factor for six planets and application level 2 in table 8 has been reviewed by the committee and determined to be an editorial error. The correct value should be 1.38.