Technical Division Executive Committee

The TDEC directs the work of AGMA’s technical committees (including the development and maintenance of AGMA Standards, Information Sheets, and other technical publications), organizes and conducts the Fall Technical Meeting, and governs the other activities of the AGMA Technical Division.

The TDEC oversees the work of the following committees:

  • Aerospace Gearing
  • Bevel Gearing
  • Computer Programming
  • Cutting Tools
  • Enclosed Drives for Industrial Applications
  • Epicyclic Enclosed Drives
  • Fine-Pitch Gearing
  • Flexible Couplings
  • Gear Accuracy
  • Helical Enclosed Drives High Speed Units
  • Helical Enclosed Drives Marine Units
  • Helical Gear Rating
  • Lubrication
  • Metallurgy and Materials
  • Mill Gearing
  • Nomenclature
  • Plastics Gearing
  • Powder Metallurgy Gearing
  • Spline
  • Sound & Vibration
  • Vehicle Gearing
  • Wind Turbine Gearing
  • Wormgearing

More information on these technical committees is available here.

TDEC Chair: Todd Praneis, Cotta Transmission Company, LLC


  • Michael D’Arduini, The Gleason Works
  • Jason Daubert, FLSmidth, Inc.
  • Michael He, Scot Forge Company
  • Frank Uherek, Regal Rexnord Corporation
  • Todd Schatzka, Regal Rexnord Corporation
  • Walt Weber, Flender Corporation

Staff Liaison: Phillip Olson