The Adams Company Celebrates Retirement of Ken Leik After 50 Years

Dubuque, IA, April 29, 2024 – The Adams Company is proud to celebrate the retirement of Ken Leik. Ken was with The Adams Company for more than 50 years serving in various roles in the tooth cutting department for nearly his entire tenure.

“Ken was the essence of The Adams Company. His uncanny ability to understand and troubleshoot gears helped The Adams Company to excel in this area of manufacturing” said The Adams Company, Chief Engineer, Fred Rheault. “His famous line was ‘If the customer can draw it, we can make it!’’ Ken enjoyed sharing his wealth of knowledge and expertise with me and many, many others inside the organization.”

On Ken’s last day, we celebrated his retirement with a mid-morning bagel party as we listened to all his memories and stories he shared. On behalf of The Adams Company, we cannot thank him enough for his years of service and dedication.

Founded in 1883, The Adams Company is a custom gear, shaft, sprocket, and power transmission metal component machining manufacturer servicing agricultural, construction, and forestry industries, EV vehicles, oil recovery equipment, winches, industrial pumps, and food manufacturing equipment as well as parts for various other industries.