Emerging Tech Committees

The Emerging Technology Committee (ETC) goal is:

Identify, investigate, and inform AGMA members of emerging technologies that may disrupt or significantly impact the gear manufacturing industry.

Want to join a committee?

There are four sub-committees:

  • Metal 3D Printing
  • Electric Drive Tech
  • Industrial IoT
  • Robotics & Automation

Chair: Josh Hopkins, Star SU

The AGMA 3D Printing Committee was established to watch this growing technology. We have a focus on metal 3D printing and printing gears. The committee also looks at other benefits of additive manufacturing for gear manufacturers.

2024 FOCUS: Materials in this space with an eye on anything happening in the cutting tools area.

All committee meetings take place online (Zoom). All times are Eastern.

  • May 31 – 2:00pm ET
  • September 5 – 2:00pm ET

Chair: Scott Miller, Caterpillar

The EV Committee has had a lot to discuss in the past three years. We have seen enormous changes in the automobile industry with the pivot to electric vehicles. You can check out our 2021 white paper, A Gear-centric Snapshot of the EV Space, which is available for free in the AGMA store.

2024 FOCUS: There is still a lot of things that are up in the air with the build-out of electric vehicles. During our first committee meeting of the year, members will discuss possible presenters to bring to the committee in 2024 for presentations and updates on specific topics.

All committee meetings take place online (Zoom). All times are Eastern.

  • April 18 – 1:00pm ET
  • June 27 – 1:00pm ET
  • Sept 26 – 1:00pm ET

Chair: Mark Ritchie, Gleason

Data is flowing so much faster and more than ever. Successful digital transformation requires more than a good strategy and adequate funding; it takes focus on process.

The AGMA IIoT Committee works to bring information to the gear industry on use cases for the successful implementation of IIoT. They are also working to bring information on cybersecurity, one of the most pressing topics in manufacturing today. Finally, the committee will work to bring members information on the new CMMC compliance for those who are working on defense or related contracts.

2024 FOCUS: Artificial Intelligence (AI) – We will be looking at the new AI applications in manufacturing. We are looking for guidance in how gear manufacturers can use this for customer service and ordering. We will continue to monitor the deeper uses of AI in digital twin technology and other software applications. And we will watch for signs of change in electric generation as all of this new technology will require lots of additional supply.

All committee meetings take place online (Zoom). All times are Eastern.

  • April 30 – 3:00pm ET
  • June 4 – 2:00pm ET
  • October 1 – 3:00pm ET

Chair: Robert Kufner, Designatronics

This committee published a white paper in 2024. You can download it and view its accompanying webinar here.

Big advancements in robots and automation are making implementation more affordable for low-volume, high changeover situations that are common in our industry.

The committee is specifically looking into three areas:

  • How can our members best use robotics and automation technology in their plants?
  • How are robots being used in new and different ways in manufacturing?
  • How are gears incorporated into the production of robotics?

2024 FOCUS: The robotics committee is watching the projections for the industry moving from 590,000 units delivered in 2023 to estimates in the tens of millions by the 2030s. How will we get there? What technologies will be utilized for new robotic applications? And how will this directly impact the gear industry? We hope to tackle these tough questions this year.

All committee meetings take place online (Zoom). All times are Eastern.

  • July 11 – 2:00pm ET
  • October 24 – 2:00pm ET

Staff Liaison: Mary Ellen Doran

Live Events

Emerging Technology Summit for Gear Manufacturers
June 10 | Detroit, MI

Curated Tour @ RAPID+TCT Show
June 26 | Los Angeles, CA

Committee Participation

The AGMA Emerging Technology Committees are open to all employees of AGMA member companies. There are also seats on all of these committees for experts in each of the topics we cover. We encourage not only those that have expertise in these areas but also those who are just curious to learn more about these topics.

AGMA also invites individuals from outside AGMA to act as content specialists.

Please contact Mary Ellen Doran, Director, Emerging Technology at doran@agma.org for complete information.