Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Michael Cinquemani
Master Power Transmission
Sara Zimmerman
VP, Business Development
Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America
Chair, TDEC
Jason Daubert
Chief Gear Engineer
FLSmidth Cement USA, Inc.
Chair, BMEC
Michelle Maddox
Sales & Business Development
B&R Machine and Gear Corp.
Chair Emeritus
Greg Schulte
Bonfiglioli USA


AGMA New Vision Statement

AGMA and its members drive power transmission innovation.

AGMA Strategic Plan

To achieve AGMA’s Vision and Mission, we have developed four strategic objectives that will guide the organization in building upon our successful 106+ year history:

  • Industry Growth: Support members with both customer business intelligence and market trends, as well as developing AGMA marketing vehicles for members to leverage in a cost-effective manner. In addition, collaborate with power transmission associations and organizations in order to bring together leaders and develop connections that foster growth. 
  • Emerging Technologies: Track emerging technologies that impact the business of gearing and build connections to companies that can support members’ integration efforts. 
  • Education: Be the industry source for education and training.
  • Standards: Ensure AGMA maintains its leadership position within its standards development efforts on both a national and a global scale. 

Board of Directors

AGMA has a Technical Division (TDEC) and a Business Division (BMEC) that oversee the work of committees. These two chairs are part of the Board of Directors.

Business Management Executive Committee

Conducts programs of a managerial and educational nature that will enhance the manufacturing and distribution capabilities of Company Members’ and Associate Members’ products and services. The mission is pursued through the scopes and responsibilities of the standing Councils comprising the BMEC.

The BMEC Oversees the work of the following committees:

  • Annual Meeting Planning Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Emerging Technology Committee
  • Market Intelligence Committee
  • Strategic Networking & Leadership Forum
  • Trade Show Advisory Committee

Chair: Michelle Maddox, B&R Machine and Gear Corp.
Staff Liaison: Jenny Blackford

Annual Meeting Planning Committee

Chair: Jim Bregi, Doppler Gear
Staff Liaison: Leah Lewis

Awards Committee

Chair: Michelle Maddox, Sales & Business Development Manager, B&R Machine & Gear Corp.
Staff Liaison: Rebecca Brinkley

Education Committee

The scope of this committee is to provide strategic oversight for AGMA’s educational activities and:

  • Ensure that the industry’s and membership’s most common education and training needs are effectively satisfied.
  • Identify and support educational opportunities promoting growth and skills of the individual.
  • Promote continuing education and training for the gear industry.
  • Promote manufacturing as a modern career.
  • Ensure that credible sources of training are identified.

Chair: Kevin Markle, Sales Engineer, American Machine & Gear, Inc.
Staff Liaison: Leah Lewis

Emerging Tech Committee

Identify, investigate, and inform AGMA members of emerging technologies that may disrupt or significantly impact the gear manufacturing industry.

There are four sub-committees:

  • 3D Printed Metal | Chair: Justin Michaud, REM Surface Engineering
  • Electric Drive Technology | Chair: Michael Cinquemani, Master Power Transmission
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) | Chair: Brian Schultz, Great Lakes Industry, Inc.
  • Robotics & Automation | Chair: David Harroun, Helios Gear Products

Staff Liaison: Mary Ellen Doran

Finance Committee

Chair: Sara Zimmerman, Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America
Staff Liaison: Matt Croson

Market Intelligence Committee

The scope of the committee is to collect and distribute statistical data on the markets served by AGMA’s Company Members, and to obtain and review gear industry statistical reports, reporting formats and procedures, as issued by government agencies. The committee oversees the production and distribution of the Monthly Market Trend Report (MMTR), the Operating Ration Report (ORR), and Wage & Benefit surveys.

Chair: Oxana Sidor, Sumitomo Drive Technologies
Staff Liason: Mary Ellen Doran

Membership Committee

The goal of the committee is to become stewards and front-line examples of what an invested member looks like and to share that knowledge and interest to help promote AGMA to potential members along with encouraging further involvement with existing members.

Chair: Kerry Klein, Schafer Industries, Inc.
Staff Liaison: Rebecca Brinkley

Nominating Committee

Chair: Greg Schulte, Bonfiglioli USA

John Cross, ASI Drives
Michael Cinquemani, Master Power Transmission
Jason Daubert, FLSmidth, Inc.
Michael McKernin, Croix Gear & Machining
Sara Zimmerman, Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America

Policy & Practices Committee

Chair: Greg Schulte, Bonfiglioli USA

Strategic Networking & Leadership Forum

The AGMA SNL Forum is a group that brings together AGMA members from across the gear industry. The goal of the SNL Forum is to provide a dynamic, educational, and collaborative event to help participants grow, both within the industry and the association. The SNL Forum offers robust, peer-focused networking opportunities to mid-level managers and next-generation executives in the gear industry, giving attendees new tools to utilize in a rapidly changing industry and economy. The event features educational opportunities in business training thorough exposure to both leadership and emerging technology resources, and hands-on learning with a tour of a future-focused industry facility.

Chair: Corinna Draghi, Atlanta Gear Works
Staff Liaison: Leah Lewis

Trade Show Advisory Committee

The scope of the committee is to serve as the liaison between the AGMA Board of Directors, the exhibiting companies and the AGMA staff by providing ongoing guidance throughout the various stages of the development and production of AGMA’s biennial trade show: Gear Expo.

Chair: Steve Janke, Brelie Gear Company, Inc.
Staff Liaison: Jenny Blackford

Technical Division Executive Committee

The TDEC directs the work of AGMA’s standards projects (including the development and maintenance of AGMA Standards, Information Sheets, and other technical publications), organizes and conducts the Fall Technical Meeting, and governs the other activities of the AGMA Technical Division.

The TDEC oversees the work of the following standards projects:

  • Aerospace Gearing
  • Bevel Gearing
  • Computer Programming
  • Cutting Tools
  • Enclosed Drives for Industrial Applications
  • Epicyclic Enclosed Drives
  • Fine-Pitch Gearing
  • Flexible Couplings
  • Gear Accuracy
  • Helical Enclosed Drives High Speed Units
  • Helical Enclosed Drives Marine Units
  • Helical Gear Rating
  • Lubrication
  • Metallurgy and Materials
  • Mill Gearing
  • Nomenclature
  • Plastics Gearing
  • Powder Metallurgy Gearing
  • Spline
  • Sound & Vibration
  • Vehicle Gearing
  • Wind Turbine Gearing
  • Wormgearing

TDEC Chair: Jason Daubert, FLSmidth Cement USA, Inc.
Staff Liaison: Todd Praneis

TDEC Members:
Michael D’Arduini, The Gleason Works
Michael He, Scot Forge Company
Frank Uherek, Regal Rexnord Corporation
Walt Weber, Flender Corporation

Past Chairs of AGMA
  • Greg Schulte | 2023
  • John Cross | 2021
  • Jim Bregi | 2019
  • Dean Burrows | 2017
  • Louis Ertel | 2015
  • Matt Mondek | 2013
  • Philip Terry | 2013
  • David Ballard | 2011
  • Dennis Gimpert | 2009
  • Richard S. Fullington | 2008
  • Edward Lawson | 2007
  • Martin Woodhouse | 2007
  • Stan Blenke | 2007
  • Leslie Hennessy | 2006
  • Frederick E. Sowinski | 2005
  • J. Cameron Drecoll | 2004
  • Roger A. Pennycook | 2003
  • Frederic M. Young | 2001
  • Michael J. Drahuschak | 1999
  • Arlin R. Perry | 1999
  • David L. George | 1998
  • Frank J. Posinski | 1997
  • W. B. Lechman | 1996
  • Charles A. Brannen | 1996
  • Ray Haley | 1994
  • Samuel R. Haines, II | 1994
  • Peter Lamb | 1994
  • James A. Bentley | 1994
  • Bipin N. Doshi | 1993
  • William T. Boggess | 1992
  • David McCarthy | 1992
  • Stewart R. Ward | 1992
  • Thomas Kling | 1991
  • James R. Partridge | 1990
  • Robert Bergmann | 1989
  • Richard G. Orr | 1989
  • Richard S. Eisenbrown | 1989
  • Joseph L. Arvin | 1989
  • Donald R. McVittie, P.E. | 1988
  • Edward R. Sewall | 1987
  • J. David Shlemmer | 1987
  • Bernard E. Berlinger, Jr. | 1986
  • Daniel E. Bailey | 1986
  • Walter L. Rye | 1986


AGMA has a robust award program for its members. Awards include:

  • Hall of Fame
  • Lifetime Achievement Awards
  • Distinguished Service Award
  • Next Generation Award
  • Chairman’s Award of Excellence
  • Board of Directors Awards

View all award recipients.