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AGMA has helped to set national gearing standards since 1916. The association also serves the focal point within the United States for the development of ISO gearing standards. Today, this work is carried out by 23 Active Technical Committees. AGMA standards address nearly all the critical gearing topics, from load capacity and lubrication to accuracy and inspection.

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How to Find Standards

Now you can easily view and purchase standards with the powerful search capability of AGMA’s Online Store. You no longer have to read through a long list. Instead, search the Store by the following fields:

  • Product Category - Choose to see AGMA Standards or ISO Papers. You also can specify AGMA Foundation Research Reports, AGMA Technical Papers or Software. 

  • Title Contains - If you only know part of the name of a standard, that’s all you need to get started. Simply type in keywords, such as “AGMA B01,” “ANSI” or “A01.”

  • Product Description Contains - Search all items in the store by your topic of interest. For example, type in “bevel” and click on “search” for a list of all national and international standards, technical papers and software related to bevel gears.

  • Browsing - Find out what’s new by viewing the Hot List – or enjoy Browse by Product Category.

Are You Updating a Standard?

If you prefer to print a catalog or would like a list of outdated standards and their modern counterparts, please visit the Publications Catalog webpage.

And, as always, AGMA staff will be happy to help with any request. Please call us at 703.684.0211.

Newest Released Publications

AGMA Releases New Standards on Flexible Couplings


The AGMA Technical Division is pleased to announce the publication of a new AGMA standard:

  • ANSI/AGMA 9001-C18, Flexible Couplings – Lubrication


This standard provides information on lubrication of gear couplings, chain couplings and metallic grid couplings. Types of lubricants and lubrication methods and practices are included. In addition, selection guides for grease and oil lubrication are provided.


The new standard is available for purchase here.


NOTE: Electronic copies of these standards were made available to the AGMA technical representative at each member company via AGMA’s annual standards distribution email to members, which was sent out in late May 2018. Please contact this representative at your company for a PDF of these new standards. If you do not know who your company’s technical representative is, please contact Karina at