2023 Emerging Technology Webinar Series

AGMA provides emerging technology webinars the first Wednesday of each month. Topics are chosen from the Emerging Technology Committees on 3D Printing, Electric Vehicle Technology, IIoT/AI, and Robotics and Automation.


All AGMA Emerging Tech webinars are available for FREE. Past webinars are available to view on-demand because of generous donations from Gleason, Reishauer, WD Bearings, and the AGMA Foundation.


January | Robotics & Automation

Can Robots Fix the Labor Crisis in Gear Manufacturing?

Stuart Shepherd, Chief Strategy Officer. HowToRobot.com

February | IIoT & AI

Blockchain All Grown Up – Zero Trust Design Explained

Andrew Brick, Chief Product Officer, Notoros

March | EV Technology

Gear Boxes in Electric Drive Trains – Requirements and Solutions

Dr. Christof Gorgels, VP Technology & Innovation, Klingelnberg

April | 3D Printing

Maximizing Manufacturing Efficiency: Using Additive Manufacturing to Consolidate Parts and Enhance Functionality

Alastair Crowe, Director of Engineering, 3DEO

May | IIoT & AI

Vision AI: A New Era of Workplace Safety in Manufacturing

Harsh Murari, CTO, Visionify

June | 3D Printing

AMEC – A New 3D Printing Option for Gears and More

Sarah Jordan, CEO, Skuld

July | 3D Printing

Plastic Gears Reinvented: 3D Printed Molds for Rapid Product Development

Ben MacDonald, Senior Applications Engineer, Fortify

August | EV Technology

Inspecting Gears with Industrial X-ray CT

Andreas Bastian, Co-Founder and Head of Product, Lumafield

September | EV Technology

Generating Ultrafine Surface Finishes on Gear Teeth for EV Applications

Patrick Duhre, Team Leader Test Grinding / Contract Grinding, KAPP NILES

October | Robotics & Automation

Increasing Productivity through Digitalization: Open, Versatile, Transparent

Florian Schuon, Head of Digital Solutions, Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH

November | 3D Printing

Accelerating Gear Product Development with 3D-printed Mold Tooling

Ethan Rejto, Director of Marketing, Mantle

December | IIoT & AI

AI Steered, Safety Geared:  AI’s Voyage with Gear Manufacturing

James R. McQuiggan, Security Advocate, KnowBe4